How it works

What is a Dubrovnik Card?

The most beautiful works by Dubrovnik masters, the greatest achievements by Dubrovnik architects, the most valuable mementoes from the magnificent past lives of famous Dubrovnikers are the only way to experiencing Dubrovnik, and we offer Dubrovnik Card to you as the surest and quickest way to such an experience.

Dubrovnik Card is a key that opens the door to all of the top attractions of the cities of Dubrovnik, Cavtat and provides the card holder with a number of discounts and significant savings in money, offering a variety of benefits as well as numerous surprises.

Depending on the length of stay in Dubrovnik, you can buy 3 types of cards: 1-Day, 3-Day or 7-Day.

The 1-Day Dubrovnik Card is a unique pass allowing entry into 9 cultural-historical monuments, the top attractions of Dubrovnik. The 3-Day and 7-Day Dubrovnik Card are a unique pass allowing entry into 10 cultural-historical monuments, 9 top attractions of Dubrovnik, and 1 museum in Cavtat.

By purchasing a Dubrovnik Card, you will get a bus card valid throughout the city of Dubrovnik, and also coupons for a suburban ride by purchasing 3 – Day and 7 – Day Dubrovnik Card.

By presenting the Dubrovnik Card, you get discounts, especially created for you, in specially designated restaurants, stores, souvenir shops, jewelry shops and tourist agencies (Dubrovnik Partner Card).

Why to buy?

The Dubrovnik Card offers you sightseeing, where you can pick and choose from 9 top attractions and so create a trip of your choice. Once you buy a Dubrovnik Card, you can forget about using money to buy an entrance ticket to cultural-historical monuments or on public transport.
The Dubrovnik Card gives you savings of more than 50%, as compared to individually purchased tickets, and you get discounts at numerous restaurants, stores, souvenir shops, jewelry shops and tourist agencies (Dubrovnik Partner Card).

Where to buy?

  1. Tourist board office PILE Brsalje 5, Dubrovnik
  2. Tourist board office GRUŽ Obala Ivana Pavla II 1, Dubrovnik
  3. ŽUPA DUBROVAČKA Tourist Information office Šetalište dr. Franje Tuđmana 7, Mlini
  4. KONAVLE Tourist Information office Zidine 6, Cavtat
  5. Libertas Pile, Brsalje 5
  6. Cultural – historical Museum, Pred Dvorom 3
  7. Ethnographic Museum Rupe, Od Rupa 3
  8. Maritime Museum, Tvrđava Sv. Ivana
  9. Marin Držić House, Široka 7
  10. Dulčić, Masle, pulitika Gallery, Držićeva poljana 1
  11. Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik, Put Frana Supila 23
  12. TIC Dubrovnik d.o.o., Placa 21
  13. Globtur d.o.o., Placa 17
  14. Perla Adriatica, Frana Supila 2
  15. Hotel Lero, Put Iva Vojnovića 14
  16. Hotel Berkley, Sv Križa 10b
  17. Hotel Kompas, Kardinala Stepinca 21
  18. Hotel Rixos Premium Dubrovnik, Liechtensteinov put 3
  19. Hotel Adria, Radnička ulica 46
  20. Hotel Dubrovnik Palace , Masarykov put 20
  21. Grand Hotel Park, Šetalište K.Zvonimira 39
  22. Nautika  d.o.o, (souvenir shop Dubravka ), Brsalje 1.
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1. What are the main benefits with Dubrovnik Card?

The main benefits of Dubrovnik Card are:

  • Great value for money
  • Save money and time
  • Free public transport

30% on ticket with 3-Day Dubrovnik Card:

20% on ticket with 3-Day Dubrovnik Card:

30% on ticket with 7-Day Dubrovnik Card

50% on ticket with 7-Day Dubrovnik Card

2. How much can I save with Dubrovnik Card?

Compared to individually purchased tickets for cultural and historical sights, and for bus tickets save more than 50%.

3. What are the normal costs of the attractions and bus tickets?

  • City walls 120,00 HRK
  • Museums and galleries 100,00HRK
  • Friars Minor Franciscan Monastery Museum 30,00 HRK
  • Vlaho Bukovac Home 30,00 HRK
  • Bus tickets

1-Day Dubrovnik Card
Bus ticket for 24 hrs  = 30,00 HRK

3-Day Dubrovnik Card
Price for 1 bus ride 12,00 HRK x 6 bus rides = 72 HRK
Price for 1 bus ride for Cavtat 25,00 HRK x 2 bus rides = 50,00 HRK

7-Day Dubrovnik Card
Price for 1 bus ride 12,00 HRK x 10 bus rides = 120,00 HRK
Price for 1 bus ride for Cavtat 25,00 HRK x 4 bus rides = 100,00 HRK


4. Does the card include Lovrijenac Fortress, Račić Family Mausoleum and Konavle Heritage Museum?

Dubrovnik Card include Lovrijenac Fortress. Račić Family Mausoleum and Konavle Heritage Museum are included by ticket discount of 30 % on 3-Day and 7-Day Dubrovnik Card.

5. What are the Dubrovnik Card owner obligations?

The card owner must present the card to the service provider before using any of the services. Service providers may, if they so request, check the date and time of purchase of the card. If the period of validity of the card has expired, discounts and benefits no longer apply. Should the owner of the Dubrovnik Card damage, loose or have the card stolen, the sales point will not be obliged to replace the card or to reimburse any money lost.

6. Can I visit the same attraction twice with my Dubrovnik Card?

Activation of the Dubrovnik Card begins in the first cultural institution you visit, and activation of the bus card begins when you first use a bus. Dubrovnik Card is a unique entry ticket to 9 cultural historical sights, but the Card is for single visits, so each cultural institution and monument heritage may only be visited once.

7. Can children visit attraction on their own?

Children up to 7 years accompanied with one adult Dubrovnik Card holder have a free entrance to all attractions.

8. Do children need to pay bus ticket?

Children up to 7 years old do not need to pay for bus ticket if they are accompanied by one adult Dubrovnik Card holder.

9. How do I get a mobile brochure?

Mobile brochure can be downloaded on our website on theme WHAT’S INCLUDED in part about brochure.

10. How do I find out an attraction’s opening and closing time?

It is very simple, just click on theme WHAT’S INCLUDED and will find every cultural historical sites with their description and opening/closing time.

  • On Mondays these cultural institutions are closed:
  • Maritime Museum, Dulčić Masle Gallery and Art Gallery Dubrovnik
  • On Tuesdays these cultural institution is closed:
  • Ethnographic museum Rupe

11. Can the agencies buy Dubrovnik Cards for the groups?

Yes, the agencies  may buy Dubrovnik Card for the groups paying with their business credit card. If agencies need invoice for it, they may contact our Dubrovnik Card customer service team on email:

12. How can I contact Dubrovnik Card customer service team?

You can contact them by email:,  by telephone on +00 385 20 638 207 or by fax number +00 385 20 638 201.



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